Image description: An image of Kristen, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a yellow dress. She is smiling at the camera.

PhD student, teaching assistant, researcher, activist and lifelong learner.

Kristen Tollan is a doctoral student in the Communication and Culture program at York University (joint with Toronto Metropolitan University). Her research focuses on the links between critical disability studies and social media studies, as well as education, pedagogy and youth studies.

Kristen also runs a literary and arts magazine for disabled women and gender-diverse creatives, called Monstering. When she’s not studying, she is adding to her list of unread books by shopping at Indigo unnecessarily, or drawing. She lives in the Greater Toronto Area with her study buddies, Smudge, Rory and Sailor. 🐱  🐱  🐢

Curriculum Vitae

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